Everytime I read all my old posts it gets funnier and funnier :') Lulz I'll see you drippy little emo fuckers on the down low.

A happy place, full of rainbows and shit.
 OMG, I've been trying to post for days now, FUCKS SAKE LIVE JOURNAL, you bell-end.

Me and Kezz were going through all our old posts together, and I was struck with how fucking whiney I was, jeez guys, sorry. But I'm so much happier now, yes everything has changed, and yes everything is different, but do I hate it? No, I now have two groups of friends and while you Cardiff kids will always be top of my heart, my new Laandaan friends are actually alright ya know. So I've decided that my livejournal is now not only going to be a cess pool of wallowing self pity, it's going to be a happy place, full of Rainbows, Butterflys, Leprechauns, and KFC. 

SO..... OMG it's nearly christmas, FUCK YEAH, and it is snowing. BLAP. It was my birthday earlier in the week and I was away from home for the first time ever, which was bad times. But despite all of the shennanigan, you know what i mean -_- Saturday was alot of fun.

I want this journal to be something I can look back on and remember everything, rather than something for me to be like, WOW WHAT A PUSSY HOLE>>>>>> ILY. xxx <3

O My Gee, I haven't posted in so frigging long. so wats occuring? well nm tbh went to America which was amazing tbh! I had such a good time and now I'm home i have to come back to earth with a bump, guess what thursday is? results day, shit mother fucking cunt nan bollocks wank stain juice box ball hole bitch face whore mongering gypsy fucker, thems some fightin' words. O well hey ho what can you do. hmmmmmmm i dont really no what to say tbh. o well speak soon lovers, see you in my wet dreamz 2k9. FUCKERS! luv.

 I have never shared a poem be4, be kind lol.

Your touch reminds me I'm alive,
Of all the kisses, all the times you've cried.
I miss that, even all the pain,
But now you're gone, like tears lost in the rain.

You see that, you hear that, bing bong,
Thats another hour of your life, gone.
I don't want to move on, don't want a life,
The security, it's gone, trouble and strife,
Is all we have to look forward too.

I'm spitting my words into your eyes
Want to hurt you and hug you for all of your lies.
But hey you never gave a fuck about me,
I've cut you out, guess what buddy, I'M FREE.

In several year, we'll all be fine
You'll be living your life, I'll be living mine,
I'm scared OK, thats what it is,
My life will be less a bang, more a fizz.

I want to be great clever and funny,
But at the same time, I wanna be a kid with a runny,
Nose and someone to care for him,
I don't want to be a tramp living in a rubbish bin.

OK this is it, the start of our lives, for real
I just want to feel it, to steal it.
I want to feel love and joy
Looks like i gotta be a man not a boy.

Life will be full of bumps and flows,
3.....2.......................1, HERE GOES.

Well that sums up my life right now, sorry i was bored :) x

The sky is falling and the sun won't set
 Do you ever get those dreams just before you go to sleep where you feel like your falling and then you wake up with a start. My life is one of those, except I can't make myself wake-up, i keep trying to stop myself, grabbing onto branches and leaves but they break off and my descent continues. I'm out of control and I like it, but is it too much to ask to have someone ANYONE to love and hold ffs i never cared about this until now but I just hate it atm. I think it's because all my friends now have someone, and i'm bloody happy for them but it just makes me realise how insecure i am with myself. I'm sorry that i'm being all down today. I love you guys and maybe soon someone will come along to stop me falling and i'll wake up and the we can watch the sun rise.


A little life goes a long way.
 OMG i don't really no what to do at the moment, SO BORED. I reckon as soon as the exams are formally over we'll have a laugh, smoking and drinking into the wee hours, but until then everyone is just like well now what do we do? And tbh I don't know myself.

SO I've been living my life through the Sims 3 lol, im SO COOL, I managed to kill someone so awsome! Anyway if anyone can think of anything to do, feel free to tell me, otherwise see y'all at the barry piss-up/ water fight.


Writer's Block: Teen Time Machine
If you could be a teenager living in any decade, which one would you choose?
TBH i think now is pretty awsome for teenagers but other than this one I would go with the 60's, I would love the whole colour thing they had goiong on.

 I feel so lonely atm, i'm surrounded by friends who I love to bits but nothing will ever go further. I feel unloved and I just want something that everyone else seems to have, Georgey had Meg, Rach has Max, Nye looks like he's about to have that one person, and I just want that. I mean seriously though I'm starting to get a bt insecure about myself tbh, I mean what is it that makes me un-loveable and what is it that means that I can never have what all of them have, i've never had that I mean ffs Meg and Powling wtf? BULLSHIT.

I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO HOLD, cliche or what but it's true.

Everyone says you'll find someone, but where are all of these people and why are none of them here, I mean please.

 Wow no-ones posted for agees, how very dull. However I like you have very little to say so this really was a waste of time tbh. x


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